Company History

Exchange Residential was set up in 2000 to provide a reliable and professional management service to the parent company, Adderstone Group.
Today, Exchange Residential has evolved into one of the largest residential management agencies within the North East of England. We cater for a wide range of both private and public clients, landlords and tenants.
Exchange Residential have developed a reputation as one of the most well respected residential management agencies in the region. 
Did you know we’ve also won awards for our great customer service?
Exchange Residential were awarded Newcastle Letting Agent of the Year 2016!
Our very own Lindsey Atkinson was named Property Manager of the Year 2015 and Jeremy Belton was also awarded Property Manager of the Year 2016 at the North East Student Housing Awards. 
Here are some of the many reasons why we are a great option for your property requirements:

·       Low professional fees, through efficiency and economies of scale

·       Experienced in house solicitors

·       Experienced in house chartered surveyors and property managers

·       Bespoke service levels to suit clients’ precise requirements

·       Dedicated property managers supported by head office infrastructure

·       Company audit by Ernst and Young LLP

·       Large portfolio experience

·       Massive investment in software and systems

·       Ability to work in partnership with specialist associated companies:

            -  Forte Freehold Management

            -  Taemar Limited