Hippity hoppity…Easter’s on its way

With Easter around the corner and some downtime away from Uni on the cards, what are you going to do? Student loans don’t hit the bank for a little while and until then, you’re a bit stuck on what to do with all this new time on your hands!

Well, to save you time and effort – here at Exchange Residential, we’ve crawled through the deepest darkest part of the world wide web on an Easter hunt of our own to find some tips, tricks and the better way to get-a-way this Easter!

The Traveller

For the person who likes to spend their time away from Uni and away from Home

We all love a cheap and cheerful escape every now and again, and why not? It’s Easter! The best time to pack a bag full of left over Easter eggs and off you trot on a few days to de-stress before plodding back to Uni:

Wind down with this amazing Easter spa escape – only £69 per night including a 3 course meal, 2 treatments, discount on further treatment and use of facilities

A 4* Edinburgh trip could be on the cards from only £57 this Easter

If you’re not sure where to go to, you won’t be able to resist these Easter deals

Or why not potter over to our Irish friends and stay a few nights in Dublin

The Baker and Creator

For the person who sits and prowls pinterest at 3am on a Thursday

I can hear you thinking – what presents can I get the little sister? What excuse do I have to buy 10,000 crème eggs? Look no further! I’ve put below a list of the best Easter recipes and crafts to ensure you have plenty to keep your chocolate stock in check and your crafting box full of tiny yellow chicks:

Try these cute birds nest cupcakes as an alternative to the standard chocolate/cornflake nests we’re used to

If you are a bit more adventurous and know the difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder, Sainsbury’s have a recipe for a mini egg cake that will make even the most experienced baker jealous

You’ve left it a bit late and all the Easter eggs are out of stock! Don’t fret – these little treat jars will please everyone and are great to use as a grand prize on an egg hunt

Or maybe you’re just looking for something to spruce up your room a little, this quick and easy bunting should do the trick

The Lone Wolf

For the person you’ll think is missing, but they’re actually in bed

You live by the motto Netflix and Chill, you keep the goody drawer beside the bed stocked full of midnight snacks and afternoon treats, and there’s probably a mini fridge at the foot of the bed – I’ve got just the list of TV watches not to be missed:

Ahead of the Civil War, watch Captain America: Winter Soldier on Netflix now, or if that isn’t for you they have both old school Full House and the new Netflix Original Fuller House!

If you haven’t yet delved into Amazon Prime – head over now because their original Man In The High Castle is good enough to make you watch the whole series in one sitting! Plus, they have 6 month free trial for students!

If you’re more of a sporty fan – sign up for Now TV’s sports package and make sure you don’t miss a game this Easter

Or if you fancy venturing outside, you can’t go wrong with Kung Foo Panda 3 over at the Vue Cinema at Trinity Square Gateshead

The Party Animal

For the person who spends their time hopping between Bonbar and Tup Tup – even on a school night

Is your social calendar is filling up but you’ve still got nothing to wear? Are you unsure what to do – food, drinks or both? No need to worry, we have you covered:

If you’re looking for something new to wear with all the new Spring fashion flooding the high street, check out this article on the top trends to look out for this season

Once ready, invite everybody around – if everybody brings an ingredient each, this AMAZING frozen mojito will make your predrinks better than the actual night out!

Once you’ve mastered becoming an at home mixologist, best get some food before the night is over before it’s even started! For a casual but incredibly delicious meal, head to Dat Bar near monument in the City Centre, there burgers are the best and they have a selection of ciders and ales to try from all over the world.

If you are wanting to dress up and go all out, go grab some grub at The Botanist – seriously good food and a great way to start the night