Looking for student accommodation in Newcastle? Here’s everything you need to know…

Newcastle is a lively metropolitan city, boasting two fantastic universities and everything you could ever need within twenty minutes walking distance. If you’re thinking of moving into student accommodation in Newcastle, you’re probably considering a few of the main areas: Heaton, city centre, Jesmond and Sandyford; to name a few.

Thanks to Newcastle’s huge student population – almost 1 in 3 properties is student housing – you’ll be spoilt for choice. In this article, we cover the main features of Newcastle’s most popular student accommodation areas to help you decide which suits you best.

Student accommodation in Newcastle City Centre

Does the idea of a bus or Metro journey to your 9am lecture bother you? We completely understand. Thankfully, student accommodation in Newcastle city centre is abundant and affordable – although rental prices here are likely to be slightly higher than across the rest of the city, they’re still much cheaper than those paid by students living in other metropolitan cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Student accommodation in Newcastle city centre brings you as close as possible to both Unis, and is perfectly located for accessing everything Newcastle has to offer – from nightlife at the Bigg Market and shopping at Eldon Square, to the tranquillity of Leazes Park and the eclectic nature of the Quayside.

Student accommodation in Heaton

Located just to the east of the city centre, Heaton is a popular student accommodation area of Newcastle for those who are looking for a bargain. This is largely due to the increased distance to get to either University, but there are Metro and bus links through Heaton and beyond that make the city centre easily accessible in 15 minutes from most homes.

Social activities focus around Chillingham Road, where most student accommodation in Heaton branches off from. Plus, constantly being surrounded by an abundance of great independent and good value cafés, pubs and local shops means that opting for student accommodation in Heaton is still a cost-effective and convenient choice.

Student accommodation in Sandyford

For those of you with a mid-range budget, the capacity to deal with a short walk to lectures and a preference for slightly quieter, more residential areas – student accommodation in Sandyford could easily become a place for you to call home.

Sandyford is located 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre and pairs larger, terraced houses with quirky bars and an abundance of affordable local amenities. Student accommodation in Sandyford will be more accessible for students of Northumbria University, but it’s certainly still an option for those studying at Newcastle.

Student accommodation in Jesmond?

Jesmond continues to be a huge favourite for students coming to Newcastle and there are lots of houses, terraces and maisonettes to choose from, plus if you’re after more of a ‘block’ experience then Jesmond Exchange could be for you.

Jesmond’s mix of superb independent restaurants and cocktail bars give you the chance to let your hair down in style too. Osborne Road has a great social scene, perfect for a few drinks to start your night out. With the lively atmosphere and mix of bars close together, it’s obvious why it has such a good reputation with both locals and students alike.

There are two Metro Stations, Jesmond and West Jesmond, so getting into town (or to the coast, for that matter) is a breeze.

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So, if you’re looking at student accommodation in Newcastle, you’re in the right place. We offer a range of student properties across the city for a variety of budgets and preferences. Get in touch with the team to view today.