Where to find the best student accommodation in Newcastle

If you’ve spent your first year in student halls, breaking out of that comfortable bubble into the world of private student accommodation can be nerve-wracking. Luckily for you, there are some fantastic student accommodation options in Newcastle, regardless of which University you’re studying with.

So, what’s the most important thing to remember when choosing student housing in Newcastle? Don’t rush into signing tenancy agreements or start arranging viewings unless you’re at least halfway certain on where you want to be living.

Newcastle might not be as big as some of the UK’s other metropolitan cities, but it’s still varied; offering you the choice of many different styles of living depending on where your student accommodation is located.

Student accommodation in Sandyford and Heaton

Whether you’re looking for student housing to fit six people or two, there is a large range of student accommodation located in both Sandyford and Heaton.

Sandyford bridges the gap between Heaton and the city centre, and you’ll find that the further out you go, the cheaper the prices are.

If you’re looking for a quieter community consisting of student accommodation and residential properties grouped together, looking at Sandyford or Heaton might be your best bet for finding student housing that you’ll love.

Although not as lively as other areas in Newcastle, both Sandyford and Heaton offer great transport links into town and to other areas of the city, so it’s not like you’re stuck in no-man’s-land!

Student housing in Jesmond

Newcastle students in particular rave about Jesmond as the ‘place to be’. It’s a fairly affluent area of Newcastle and is generally considered to be a little more upmarket or trendy than the more residential areas of Sandyford and Heaton.

Student accommodation in Jesmond is slightly pricier than elsewhere, though this is primarily due to the popularity of the area with students and young professionals, the abundance of local amenities and nightlife, and the larger student housing options.

Jesmond boasts great transport links too and has two of its own Metro Stations, and also the convenience of a Waitrose, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s within walking distance of most student accommodation.

For those of you looking for a quieter student housing experience, you may find that looking for accommodation close to Jesmond Dene – a beautiful public park full of wildlife and nature – suits you better than living near Osborne Road (the central hub for social student activities).

Student accommodation elsewhere in Newcastle

Although the areas mentioned above are rife with student housing options, they are by no means the only places that students in Newcastle choose to live.

In fact, Newcastle boasts excellent transport links into the city centre, making it easy to live further afield and still make your 9am with time to spare!

When choosing the location of your student accommodation in Newcastle, make sure to research rent, travel costs, and where your friends will be living.

Consider areas like Shieldfield if you want to be in close proximity to Northumbria Uni main campus, or Spital Tongues if the city centre is too expensive but you’d prefer to stay as close to Newcastle Uni as possible.

Student housing from Exchange Residential

We hope that this article has helped you prepare for moving into your student accommodation in Newcastle.

If you’re still searching for the perfect place to live, Exchange Residential offer a range of properties in and around Newcastle, including key student locations like Jesmond, the city centre, Sandyford, Heaton, and Shieldfield.